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High Speed Spindle Bearings Overview. Small Ball Angular Contact Bearing. Smaller machine steel balls result in higher speeds and lower temperatures than standard size balls. Interchangeable with 7000 series. Used for main spindle of high speed machining centers. 15° contact angle.


High-Speed Tapered Roller Bearing for Machine Tool Main Spindles 1. Introduction High-speed running performance and rigidity, which are generally required for machine tool main spindles, are factors that greatly depend on the performance of the bearings that support the main spindles. The types of main spindle bearings used include rolling bearings.With maximum speeds up to 170,000 RPM, and power levels up to 130 HP, IBAG can supply the right high speed spindle for your unique application. If you mill, grind, or drill, a high speed spindle can increase production, lower costs, and improve overall efficiency.